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Need to Upgrade?


Need to Upgrade?

Take Advantage of Rebates..

Reduce Your Energy Bill.

Take Advantage of Rebates..

Reduce Your Energy Bill.

E.V Charging ..

Reduce Your Carbon Print.

Over 25 Year Onsite Experience..

Fully Licensed, Insured & Full Warranty.

Save Water and up to 80% Electricity..

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fully licensed & insured

Fully licensed & insured technicians

honest upfront pricing

Honest upfront pricing quotes no estimates no confusion no fuss.

Lifetime labour warranty

We offer lifetime warranty on all our labour

interest free instalments

Interest free instalments available fix now pay later. Dont put things on hold.

stocked trucks

Our fleet of fully stocked trucks allows us to reach you even faster with all parts

multiple trades one roof

Mutiple licensed trades all under one roof for your convenience

available 24/7 emergency

Available 24/7 for your convenience, Emergency call outs 24/7 365

safety & Privacy

Your safety and privacy is our number one concern all data is kept safe and secure.

Thayna Castro
Thayna Castro
Their electrical services' skill for my EV charger installation much beyond my expectations. Thanks to their great skills and experience in the industry, I can now charge my electric vehicle at home!!!
Thalia Duque
Thalia Duque
For my solar installation, they supplied high-quality electrical services. They went above and above to ensure that every detail was addressed, resulting in a fully functional solar-powered air conditioning system!!
Hasan Ab Gofran
Hasan Ab Gofran
Very good service
Joanne Wigzell
Joanne Wigzell
Sam was everything you might want but not necessarily get in a tradesperson: on time, polite, efficient, communicative/informative. Highly recommend him.
Mary Talarico
Mary Talarico
Sam was on time and very professional. He explained in detail the process. Everything went exactly as he said. He made sure we were happy with the job and we would highly recommend him.
James Sanchez
James Sanchez
Outstanding work! We are delighted with the work he did and the level of care he provided. I couldn't speak highly enough of him because he was incredibly competent and thorough. His lighting changes have significantly improved our apartment.
Amia Miley
Amia Miley
For a replacement of a water heater that was not simple, I was so pleased with the team's performance. Very professional
Sheila Marie
Sheila Marie
From beginning to end, they offered a very friendly and competent service. Excellent communication and excellent service throughout.




heating and cooling



Serviceability Matters.

“Hilts Group is not your regular service company; we are a 24/7, Leading same day service that Persistantly exceeds our customers’ expectations. We are commitited to delivering Service when You need it, and we mean it!! wheather the jobs large or small, you can be guaranteed of our quality, reliability and professionalism.”


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Hilts Group distinguishes itself through a commitment to renewable energy and modern infrastructure solutions. With a multidisciplinary team skilled in Electrical, Solar, HVAC-R, and Data services, we offer a one-stop-shop for your commercial and residential needs. Our sustainable practices and cutting-edge technology ensure that your project aligns with the latest industry standards for efficiency and eco-friendliness

At Hilts Group, we prioritize the cleanliness of your property throughout our service. Our technicians are trained to follow a meticulous cleanliness protocol that includes:

Using drop cloths and protective footwear to safeguard your floors and furniture from debris and dust.

Implementing tool organization systems to keep the workspace orderly and prevent any equipment from being misplaced.

Employing high-efficiency dust extraction while drilling or cutting to minimize airborne particles.
Scheduling regular cleanup intervals during the job, ensuring that the work area remains organized and clear of excess materials.

Performing a comprehensive cleanup after the job is completed, which includes the removal of all waste and a final inspection to confirm the area is as clean as, or cleaner than, when we arrived.

Choosing Hilts Group for your electrical, solar, HVAC-R, and data needs

Means partnering with a comprehensive solutions provider dedicated to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a diverse range of services, we are uniquely positioned to offer a holistic approach to building and infrastructure projects.

Our team of certified professionals brings expertise and passion to every job, ensuring high standards of workmanship across all sectors. Whether you’re looking to harness the power of solar energy, upgrade your HVAC system, optimize your electrical setup, or ensure robust data connectivity, Hilts Group has the skills and experience to deliver top-tier results.

Our commitment to staying ahead of industry advancements means we bring the latest technologies and techniques to your project, offering efficient, sustainable solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

By choosing us, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner invested in your success, dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of your operations. Visit our website to learn more about how Hilts Group can elevate your project

Plenti Finance offers green loans tailored for individuals looking to invest in renewable energy projects, including solar systems, home batteries, and electric vehicle chargers. Their Zero-Interest Payment Plan (ZIPP) provides an interest-free loan option for eligible renewable energy investments, allowing borrowers to manage costs effectively while transitioning to sustainable home solutions. With the potential to borrow up to $45,000 and flexible repayment terms ranging from 3 to 6 years, extending up to 10 years for battery storage, Plenti makes renewable investments more accessible. Moreover, the loan process with Plenti is designed to be fast, simple, and completely paperless, emphasizing user convenience and efficiency.

Eligibility for Plenti’s green loans is broad, aiming to include a wide range of applicants who are over 18, Australian citizens or permanent residents, and homeowners, among other criteria. This inclusivity ensures that more Australians have the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future without the financial burden typically associated with green technology investments. Plenti’s approach is transparent and customer-focused, providing personalized rates that consider the borrower’s specific circumstances without impacting their credit score. This customer-centric model is coupled with a commitment to fast fund transfers, often within two days of loan approval, facilitating immediate project commencement.

For more detailed information on Plenti’s green loans and to check your eligibility, visit their Zero-Interest Green Loans and Green Loans Guide sections on their website.

    1. Quality assurance at Hilts Group is paramount. We adhere to strict Australian standards and employ a rigorous quality control process for every service offered. From initial design to final inspection, our certified professionals are dedicated to delivering excellence and durability in our installations, repairs, and maintenance work.


Post-installation, Hilts Group provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your systems operate at peak performance. Our customer service team is readily available for any queries, and we offer comprehensive warranties and service packages for continued care of your electrical and solar systems

Absolutely. Hilts Group specializes in energy efficiency upgrades, helping you to reduce energy consumption and costs. We conduct thorough assessments to identify potential improvements and implement solutions that enhance the overall efficiency of your home or business.

Solar Achievements.

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Our Exclusive Partner.
Plenti Finance Green Loans


Plenti Finance is a financial services company that offers a variety of lending products. Among their offerings, they have a specific focus on “green loans.” These green loans are designed to finance environmentally friendly projects and purchases. This can include things like solar panel installations, energy-efficient appliances, or green home renovations. The idea is to encourage and support investments in sustainable technologies and practices by offering more favorable loan terms, such as lower interest rates or special repayment conditions, compared to traditional loans. This not only benefits the borrower, who can invest in energy-saving and eco-friendly solutions, but it also aligns with broader environmental goals by promoting sustainable practices.

See if you Qualify $0 Dollars Upfront Solar and Batteries 

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Here’s how it generally works:

  1. Zero Upfront Cost: The key feature of this kind of financing is that you don’t pay anything upfront for the installation of the utility system, such as solar panels. The entire cost is financed through the loan.

  2. Loan Repayment: Instead of paying for the installation upfront, you repay the loan over time. This repayment is typically structured in monthly installments. The terms of the loan, including interest rates and duration, can vary.

  3. Energy Savings: Once the utility system is installed, it starts generating energy (like solar panels producing electricity), which reduces your dependence on traditional energy sources. This results in lower electricity bills.

  4. Savings Offset Loan Payments: The idea is that the savings you make on your electricity bill can offset, or at least significantly reduce, the monthly loan repayment amount. In some cases, if your utility system is highly efficient, the savings might be more than the monthly repayment, effectively making the system pay for itself over time.

  5. Long-term Benefits: After the loan is paid off, any further energy savings go directly to you. Given that solar panels and similar systems usually have a long lifespan, this can amount to thousands of dollars in savings over the years.

  6. Green Energy Incentives: There may also be government incentives, rebates, or tax breaks for installing green energy systems which can further offset the overall cost.

It’s important to carefully consider the terms of the loan and the expected energy savings to ensure that this financial arrangement is beneficial in the long term. The actual savings can vary based on the efficiency of the installed system, energy usage patterns, and local energy price

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