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Using a timber or carpet underfloor heating system in your home is a great way to add a fresh new look and help lower heating costs for the entire house. The radiant heat coming up from the underfloor heating system can help heat the whole room, reducing the need to run your heating system as much.

Underfloor Heating For Wooden Floors

Timber flooring can add value and elegance to your home with its rich look and feel. In the wintertime, wood floors can get cold and can chill bare feet. Adding an electric underfloor heating system to your new timber flooring can warm those chilly toes and the rest of your home as well.

The wood planks are a natural conductor, and the heat radiates up from the flooring, warming up the rest of the room. It has a fast heat-up time, and with proper insulation, the heat will not escape into the concrete slab below your flooring.

Things To Know About Installing Wood Flooring

Most hardwood flooring manufacturers will recommend that your wood flooring does not exceed 27 degrees Celsius. Wood flooring can shrink or expand depending on the temperature and relative humidity in the room. And it was determined that this temperature is the best suited for wood flooring as the expansion/contraction is minuscule at this temperature.  

Before installing your new wood flooring, you should let the wood planks acclimate to your home’s temperature. Your wood flooring will continue to expand or contract as the seasons change, which you need to consider before installation. If you do not allow the wood to settle before installation, you risk limiting the system’s potential or damaging it.

After installing, wait 48 hours before turning the system on and increment the temperature one degree a day until you reach the desired temperature.

Under Carpet Heating

If you prefer carpet over timber flooring, you can still enjoy the benefits of an electric underfloor heating system to help keep your home warm during the winter months. When appropriately installed, under carpet heating is a safe and effective way to heat a single room like a basement guest suite or the entire home.

Installing Underfloor Heating With Carpet

Heating coils or mats can be placed directly on top of carpet padding and taped down to help secure it. You can add a thin level of self-leveler or concrete on top of the heating system for added protection. The added layer does not reduce the heating system’s effectiveness as the additional protection does not stop heat from transferring up into the carpet.

When measuring, you should leave a 2 to 4-inch gap between the heating pads and the wall.

Carpet & Wood Floor Heating Installation Near Sydney

Installing your new electric underfloor heating system under your timber flooring or carpet is relatively straightforward. However, you should still hire a professional team of installers with years of experience working with electric underflooring systems. HILTS can install your electric heating system and are fully aware of all regulations for underfloor heating installations.

AS/NZS 60335.2.96-2002 & AZ/NZ 60335.2.106

These standards are for the electric coils used in underfloor heating systems. While most electric underfloor heating systems meet the first standard, many do not meet the second standard that deals with removable flooring. Working with a professional installation team familiar with these standards and more can help ensure that you and your family are safe with your new heated floors.

Temperature Control

All underfloor heating systems will have thermostats where you can control the temperature of your heated floors. You can change the temperature for specific rooms or the entire home, depending on the installed system.


Whether you are installing timber flooring or carpet over your electric underfloor heating system, insulation is vital to reduce the amount of heat lost into the concrete slab below your floors. The insulation is placed under the heating coils or mat to prevent the heat from escaping in the wrong direction. By insulating your electric underfloor heating system properly, you will get the most out of your new heating floors.

Adding underfloor heating to your home is a cost-effective way to keep your feet warm and help reduce the cost of your monthly heating bill. If you are thinking of installing an electric underfloor heating system in your home, call 1800961695 today to schedule a consultation with our professional electrician near you.

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