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When you need fast and reliable level 2 electrician Sydney services, HILTS is the team to call. Our technicians have served as the go-to level 2 electricians in Sydney’s Hills District, North Shore, and the surrounding Sydney Metro area for years.

Our reputation precedes us when it comes to competitively-priced electrical solutions with lasting results. If you have an emergency, take advantage of our 24/7 electrical services to resolve it quickly. We serve both commercial and residential properties and can work on projects of any scale.

You can also schedule to receive services at a later time that best suits your schedule. We are available all year round and can handle everything from minor substation repairs to complicated overhead or underground wiring issues.

Call today to schedule a visit from a HILTS level 2 electrician in Sydney.

What Is A Level 2 Electrician?

Regular electricians are not qualified to handle level 2 electrical jobs. Level 2 electricians can work on jobs involving connecting and disconnecting a building’s power from the main electricity network.

Compared to regular indoor electrical issues, level 2 electrical problems require more advanced skills and are more dangerous. The slightest mistake can endanger lives and the electrical safety of multiple buildings.

Have you ever wondered if there is an accredited service level 2 electrician near me? Look no further than HILTS. We are available to deliver a wide range of level 2 electrical repair and installation services at your convenience.

What Is An Accredited/Authorised Service Provider (ASP)?

As an ASP, we have authorisation from the appropriate Australian electricity authorities to work on Endeavour Energy, Ausgrid, and Essential Energy power networks. You can contact us for technicians with level 1, 2, or 3 ASP qualifications.

A level 1 ASP electrician can construct and install the infrastructure for power delivery to your building.

A level 2 ASP electrician can be a class 2A, B, C, or D technician. Class 2A electricians can disconnect and reconnect power lines at the connection point. You may require this service if you must stop power supply to your building before upgrading the mains or performing other repairs or maintenance.

A class 2B technician works on underground electrical wiring systems and service conductors. You may need one to do the following:

Remove and replace a local electricity distributor security seal
Relocate or upgrade existing underground service lines
Disconnect and reconnect underground service lines
Replace service protection devices
Service active and neutral links
A class 2C technician does the same thing as a class 2B electrician, but with overhead service lines and conductors.

Class 2D electricians repair and maintain service equipment. Some of their functions include:

Replacing local electricity distributor security seals
Disconnecting and reconnecting service equipment, such as service protection devices or fuses
Installing, replacing, or removing service protection devices
Level 3 ASPs do not perform actual electrical work, such as installations, connections, or repairs. They are only authorised to design overhead and underground electricity reticulation systems.

If you don’t know the type of level 2 ASP electrician to call, contact us to discuss your needs, and we will send the most qualified technician for your project.

#1 Level 2 Electrical Contractors In Sydney

Our level 2 electricians in Sydney have the training and equipment to handle electrical installations, repairs, and upgrades of any scale. Services commercial and residential property owners typically call us for include:

Private Pole Supply And Installation
We provide private pole installation to replace damaged poles or improve power supply to a building. We will deliver the new pole to your address, install it, and set up the power cable connection. Depending on your budget and other preferences, we can supply and install concrete, galvanised steel, or timber poles.

Upgrade Of Building Mains
If the current wiring between your meter box and point of attachment does not comply with regulations, contact us for consumer mains upgrades. We also upgrade mains in buildings with damaged or undersized wiring systems.

We will handle everything from disconnecting the network cables and replacing the mains to returning the cables and testing their safety. After restoring your building’s power, we will provide you with a certificate of compliance that shows a qualified level 2 electrician performed the mains upgrade.

Overhead Service And Underground Service Mains
Our level 2 Sydney electricians provide overhead and underground mains installation services. Depending on your power needs and building type, we can install a single or three-phase power supply.

If you run a commercial establishment with several powerful machines, contact us for a three-phase underground or overhead service mains. You can also call us to install a single-phase for your small home or business.

Defect Notices
A level 2 electrician issues defect notices when a building’s electrical connections fail to meet safety standards. Examples of defects that may lead to notices are:

Faulty modifications to the original connection
Damaged or low hanging overhead service cables
Point of attachment issues
Bushes growing on or close to electrical wires
Rotten fascia boards
UV-damaged mains
Worn or weather damaged brackets
Shaky connection boxes
Out-of-date switchboards
We aim to complete all level 2 electrical jobs perfectly on the first visit. Call HILTS today for a fast and reliable level 2 electrician in Sydney.

How Much Does A Level 2 Electrician Charge?

At HILTS, we keep our solutions budget-friendly. Level 2 electrical services generally cost more than regular services, but the exact cost will depend on your job’s specifications. For example, larger-scale jobs that require more hours and materials will cost more than a simple disconnection and connection.

For an accurate price for your project, contact our Sydney electricians for a quote.

Level 2 Electrician Areas We Service?

Why Choose Us?

HILTS provide a wide variety of Sydney Level 2 Electrician services including:

Electrical Defect Notices
Electrical Meter Installation
Point of Attachment Repair
Private Power Pole Installation
From our office in North West Sydney, we serve customers in Sydney’s Hills District, North Shore, and the surrounding Sydney Metro area. Our qualified and polite level 2 electricians can work with anyone, including:

Business owners
Civil contractors and builders
Small and large electrical contractors
Solar installation companies
Regardless of the specifics of your job, we will offer a 12-month electrical service warranty. We also promise that we will:

Be on time for your project
Deliver a quick turnaround
Leave no mess behind
Adhere to the highest safety standards
Treat you and your property with the utmost respect
Call HILTS today to schedule a level 2 electrician in Sydney for your emergency needs or upcoming project.

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