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Private power pole installations not only look good, they give you more control over your electrical system.

Usually your building gets its electricity by connecting to your street’s mainline via cables. Instead of overhead power cables dangling dangerously across your yard, you can use a private power pole to connect wires from your mainline to your switchboard.

For private power pole installation in Sydney, contact HILTS your local Level 2 ASP electricians. Our experienced and highly qualified technicians will install the pole in the best location within your premises. You can call us for a private power pole replacement if your current poles are old and unsafe. We also relocate poles with safety issues, such as lines obstructed by trees, buildings, or other structures.

Call HILTS Sydney electrician today to discuss getting a private power pole installation in Sydney.

Should You Get A Private Power Pole?

Our Level 2 team can assess your property and electricity needs to determine whether installing a private power pole is necessary. If we see that connecting directly to your street’s mainline is unsafe or inefficient, we may recommend installing a private pole.

Only a level 2 electrician can handle a private power pole installation in Sydney. Contact us today to schedule a visit from one of our highly qualified level 2 technicians for your electrical pole repair or replacement project.

Types Of Private Power Poles

Depending on your budget and other specifications, we can install hardwood or galvanised steel power poles. Below is a brief explanation of how each option is different.

Hardwood Private Power Poles
Hardwood power poles come from resilient wood, such as timber. The wood typically undergoes treatment before use to make it pest and weather-resistant.

A properly installed and well-maintained wood pole can last three to four decades, making it the most durable option. Wood power poles are also poor electrical conductors, which make them safer for electrical wire connections. You can get it in various sizes to suit your needs, but it costs more than steel power poles.

Galvanised Steel Private Power Poles
Galvanised steel poles cost less, but they do not last as long. A well-maintained steel pole can last for 15 to 30 years, but without proper maintenance, the galvanised layer will peel off, and the pole will begin to rust.

Steel poles are typically slimmer and lighter than wood poles, making them easier to install. The pole’s narrow shape enables it to fit into most properties without disrupting the yard’s aesthetics. If your priority is saving money and using your yard space efficiently, galvanised steel poles may be the right option for you.

Private Power Pole Installation Cost

The cost of a private power pole installation in Sydney will depend on the pole type, the installer, and other factors. A hardwood pole can cost between $999 and $1199, while installing and connecting the pole can cost between $7,000 and $14,500. The price will likely go up if the pole comes with a meter box.

On average, a new galvanised steel pole costs between $799 and $999, depending on the size and supplier. Installing and connecting the pole can cost between $2500 to $5500. If you have trouble picking a pole type that fits your budget and other requirements, our level 2 electricians can provide all the guidance you need.

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