Thermoslab is a 7mm thick underfloor heating cable that is incredibly versatile and durable. To generate an energy efficient thermal mass under your floor, install the wire in the concrete slab of new construction. To figure out which heating cable you’ll need, multiply your area’s square meters by 160 to get the required output (Watts)

Technical Data

Cable Thickness7mm
Protection RatingIP67
Max. temperature*28°C *


* Regulated by floor sensing thermostat


Stock No.LengthOutputResis.ΩStock StatusAction
313810m300 W176.33 ΩIn Stock
313920m600 W88.17 ΩIn Stock
314237m1100 W48.09 ΩOut of Stock
314550m1500 W35.27 ΩIn Stock
314867m2000 W26.45 ΩIn Stock
315284m2500 W21.16 ΩIn Stock
3155100m3000 W17.63 ΩIn Stock
3156112m3350 W15.79 ΩIn Stock
3158134m4020 W14.21 ΩIn Stock
3160150m4500 W11.76 ΩOut of Stock
3164200m6000 W8.82 ΩIn Stock

Also available in kits including a Thermostat

Installation Accessories

Stock No.DescriptionSizeStock StatusAction
3257Cable Ties140mmIn Stock

Allow 3 cable ties for every 1m of heating cable. Thermotouch manual thermostats are recommended for Thermoslab as this is typically connected to off peak power tariffs so you cannot have a programmable thermostat as it would lose its program during the ‘off periods each day


Frequently Asked Questions

Because heating the slab provides a thermal mass beneath your floor that allows for a steady continuous release of heat, you can take advantage of the Off-Peak electricity tariff when using it in Slab Heating. Because under-tile and in-floor heating systems heat up and cool down faster, they are not suited for use with off-peak electricity.

No, the heating wires or mats cannot be connected, although two or more components can be connected in parallel to a single thermostat. When connecting several cables or mats, be sure the overall load does not exceed the thermostat’s total load.

No -never. The resistance will change if the heating cable is cut, causing the element to overheat. Please call our technical hotline for assistance if you accidentally cut the cable.

Yes, absolutely. Although the Thermonet 200W system is designed to be installed beneath a screed, it can also be installed directly beneath the tiles, just as the 150W system can. When positioned directly beneath the tiles, the 200W system will heat up faster than the 150W system due to the larger wattage. Use the 200W system directly beneath the tiles if you want a more on-demand system or if you have a significant heat loss application.

Because of the insulation value of your home, the type of flooring you have, and the quantity of heating you have beneath the insulation, every circumstance is unique. Because it is necessary to heat the entire slab profile, an inslab heating system normally takes 1-2 days to heat up and cool down. Once it warms up, the slab functions as a heat bank, allowing the area to heat up more efficiently.

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