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Beat the summer heat with our professional ceiling fan installation. Sydney relies on the professionals from Hilts to stay cool and calm, and our residential and commercial electricians provide flawless workmanship all year round.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement

At HILTS, our Sydney local electrician install new fans or ceiling fan replacements with ease. Our work ethic ensures that we do the job correctly the first time. There will be no need to search for other “ceiling fan installation near me” options once you have us on your project.

Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

A ceiling fan is a quick and easy install. Unlike an air conditioner, you don’t need ductwork or the removal of walls.
Ceiling fans are a cost-effective alternative from the installation perspective, but there are a lot more ways that it saves money:

Electricity Usage
The ceiling fan reduces heat by circulating the air. On a warm day, it’s often more than enough, even without an air conditioner. The breeze on your skin combines with moisture evaporation to drop the external temperature, and fresh air enters from outside.

For blisteringly hot days, a fan still saves you electricity usage in conjunction with the air conditioner. It cools your home faster and circulates the colder air. You’ll be able to increase the temperature setting on the aircon because the room will feel colder with the fans on at the same time.

Clean, Fresh Air
In rooms with low airflow, stagnation becomes a problem. Stale air remains trapped in the room unless you have a ceiling fan. While the effects may feel limited, the increased airflow is significant in pulling in fresh air to replace the smells and stuffiness.

Warm In Winter
Here’s a little-known fact for you: some ceiling fans rotate in both directions. It’s an exciting feature that will make your life a little easier in winter.

When it’s hot, the blades rotate in a clockwise direction, drawing heat from below the fan’s surface and causing a slight drop in temperature for a full cooling effect. In winter, you can run the blades anti-clockwise instead. It draws the air from above the fan and circulates it into the room.

The difference is that the air at the top of the room will be warmer in winter because hot air rises.

An energy-efficient HVAC system still costs a great deal to run. Fans work on a few cents a day, though. It’s an excellent way to reduce your electric bill.

Pest Deterrent
The breeze produced by the fan keeps pests at bay since tiny insects don’t have the strength to resist the draft.

If you have pets or small children at home, a free-standing fan is risky. Ceiling fans are fixed, and out of reach, so adventurous children and silly pets can play safely throughout your cool home.

Space Saving
A fan on the ceiling maximizes your use of vertical space in the home, which frees up space for more creativity or decorating.

Choose Sydney’s Top Team Of Electricians
Would you like to create a stir in your home with ceiling fan installation? Sydney professionals from HILTS are only a phone call away. Speak to our team today about ceiling fan installation.

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