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Electrical faults usually manifest through a frequent unexplained loss of power, flickering lights, or electrical devices that make strange sounds or discharge, which can shock you when touched. Although these faults might not look like much, they are extremely dangerous and present a significant health risk as well as potential damages to your property.

One thing you should do is resist the urge to try and fix these faults yourself. A trained professional should be handling these repairs to secure the living or working space you are using. At HILTS, we take electrical fault finding in Sydney as our mission. We pride ourselves on taking care of customers and keeping their homes secure and fault-free.

Types Of Electrical Faults

Diagnosing and finding a fault can be extremely challenging. Subtle signs such as lights flickering or strange sounds coming from the device are reliable indicators that something might be wrong, but this is not always true. Faults are often hidden and can manifest in the worst possible situation when there is nothing you can do.

Before discussing how we can help you overcome them, we believe it is necessary to differentiate among different electrical faults.

Open Circuit Faults
These are a prime example of how daily wear and tear on electrical devices can cause a fault. A torn cable or physical damage to the device can expose the wiring and create a break, stopping electricity flow.

Short Circuit Faults
These are the most common types of electrical faults. They occur when a live or neutral wire makes contact with the power supply, causing it to “short.” Short circuit faults often damage the devices, burn out fuses, and can even cause dangerous fires.

Ground Or Earth Faults
These present a particular type of hazard because they turn otherwise neutral objects into live ones. They happen once a live electrical wire makes contact with a neutral conductor such as a metal frame. The frame becomes a part of a circuit and can cause electric shocks to anyone who touches it.

Electrical Fault Experts

Considering the hazards and risks that electrical faults present, you must contact a certified professional as soon as you notice that your appliances are acting strange when plugged in or your power supply is experiencing frequent outages or burnt fuses.

Our team of Sydney electricians and technicians has decades of experience dealing with various electrical issues in both residential and commercial settings. We will thoroughly inspect the electrical system at your premises during our first assessment visit to identify the electrical fault’s location and propose a repair plan that you will need to approve.

We are proud to serve the Sydney area, and thousands of satisfied customers are the best reference for our commitment to excellence and superior customer service. Do not allow a simple electrical fault to become a huge hazard that can endanger your health or damage your property. Give us a call at HILTS, and our certified electrician will go to your location for a same-day assessment and repair.

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