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Our electricians are fully licensed, insured and experienced to take care of any Sydney switchboard installations or replacements. Switchboards, often referred to as fuse boxes handle and manage the electricity throughout your home and office. They control the flow of electricity into your premises and when there is an issue or overload they will blow out, which will cut the power to your devices and power points

Switchboard Repairs & Replacement

When you need switchboard repairs and switchboard replacement, we have our Sydney electricians on-call and ready 24/7.

Power comes in from the street, through the meter and into your switchboard which then distributes to all the lights, appliances and powerpoints etc. Older switchboards have fuses, and the new switchboards have safety switches. If you have an old style switchboard it might be a good time for a switchboard replacement.

In older switchboards, the fuses and circuit breakers may no longer function properly, leaving you at risk of the wiring being overloaded.  If you are using an older switchboard it’s crucial for your home and family’s safety that you upgrade to a modern switchboard as we can install safety switches and circuit breakers. This way, if there is too much power drawn the circuit breaker will automatically detect it and switch off, protecting the cable from overheating and minimising the risk of fire.

Contact us today and discuss your switchboard installation or repair in Sydney needs with one of our friendly team members.

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They are high professionals. The fees and charges are reasonable. Highly Recommend.
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Hilts was Great, Fast super easy to deal with 5 stars.
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Great electrician decked out my alfresco area with heated strip lihting fan andpower points and downlights looks amazing
Brian Mansour

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