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Despite the early scepticism that surrounded electric vehicles, it is clear that they are here to stay, and we are the experts with Tesla wall charger installations in Sydney. This is excellent news not only for the environment – thanks to the increased performance and range EVs like Tesla can offer, getting one can be perfect for you, as well.

Charging your Tesla has become easier due to evolving technology. Home charging equipment allows you to simply plug in your Tesla overnight and wake up in the morning to a fully charged vehicle ready for the day.

At HILTS, you can now get professional Tesla wall charger installations from the experts at EV charger installation in Sydney.

Tesla Wall Charger Installation Costs

When it comes to installing home charging equipment for your Tesla, there are two connector options from which you can choose and will affect your Tesla wall charger installation costs:

Wall Connector

Tesla recommends this connector option for the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. It is the most dynamic home charging hardware and can be customised to work with almost any power supply. In addition, the wall connector offers convenience and the fastest charging speeds for anyone interested in home charging.

Mobile Connector

This connector comes standard with all new electric vehicles. You can use it to plug your Tesla into a 10amp 230V outlet as a backup charging option. The mobile connector provides you with roughly 10km of range for every hour of charge.

Charging Your Tesla At Home

When it comes to Tesla house chargers, the maximum rate of charge depends on three factors, which are:

  • The Tesla Wall Connector: The maximum power output produced by the wall connector is 22 kW.
  • Your Home’s Grid Connection: Grid connection configuration and size vary in Sydney. Fortunately, our highly qualified technicians can determine your home’s capacity and current electrical demand.
  • Your Tesla: Different Teslas have different onboard charger capabilities. The Model 3’s onboard charger rate is 11 kW, while the charge rate in the Model S is 16.5 kW.

Professional Tesla Wall Charger Installation In Sydney

When you are looking for a reliable technician to install your home charging equipment, you can turn to our same day local electrician at HILTS.

When you seek out the knowledgeable team at HILTS, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your Tesla charger installation. We will then provide you with a licensed electrician who will install your wall connector, ensuring the installation complies with AS/NZ3000 wiring regulations.

If you have more than one Tesla car and would like to charge them simultaneously, we can configure the wall connector for power-sharing and can even link up to four wall connectors.

Your Reliable Local Electricians

When installing a 240c outlet for your Tesla house charger, don’t just turn to any electrician. After all, your charging station is not the only thing on the line.

HILTS can provide you with licensed and experienced technicians who can offer you the quality services you desire. Reach out to us today at 1800961695 for professional Tesla wall charger installation in Sydney.

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